Monday, November 3, 2014

Camera research

Doing some more camera research.  I tend to do this every year or so and find new things each time.  Right now I'm thinking about how to add a video system to the jetski to groundtruth eelgrass. Good battery life, waterproof, and very compact are all important features.  High def isn't critical.  Light isn't that critical either since we'll be in less than 30 feet of water primarily.  I want to be able to record the images.  Grabbing stills and recording video preferred.

Getting your GoPro to work in odd situations:

How to extend the GoPro wireless underwater (very similar solution as the cam-do website, just homemade):

Very small all-in-one solutions: (search for underwater video fishing for the smaller all-in-ones)
Aqua Vu Micros
MarCum Pan Cam and VS485C
Docooler  Fish Finder (can't record)
Lucky Fish Finder (can't record)
Aquabotix AquaLens and AquaLens Pro

Comparison table:
Cost Camera res Screen size Power Cable length Recording
Aqua Vu Micro Plus  $   500 color 1/4 CMOS 3.5 battery 50' 8 gb SD card
Aqua Vu Micro 5  $   600 color 1/4 CMOS 5 battery 100' 8gb internal
Pyle PFSHCMR1  $   200 color 1/4 CMOS, 30MP still 3.5 battery 15m microsd
MarCum VS485C  $   400 color 1/3 CMOS 7 battery 50' ?
MarCum PanCam  $   350 color 1/3 CMOS smartphone battery 50' smartphone
Aquabotix Aqua Lens  $1,300 color 3.5 battery 25' optional
Vexilar FP100 FishPhone  $   270 color CMOS, stills smartphone battery 50' smartphone

Slightly larger all-in-one solutions:
Aqua Vu 360, 760c, 760cz, and 715c
DB Power (this appears to be a generic version; other vendors were selling this same system)
Snake Mate
Gnom Drop Camera
JD (needs screen and recording device)

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