Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preparing for Bold cruise 2

Friday morning we head out on the second Bold cruise -- this time in Mass. waters.  It's easier to prepare for since we'll be deploying smaller and a bit simpler equipment -- plus I did most of the prep before the first cruise.

This time the plan is to deploy a very small frame with a plan-view video camera and a plan-view still camera.  The plan is to have a high definition video system this time, and the GoPro still camera again.  The one major issue we're having is that the high definition video camera still hasn't arrived!  Options: use the standard-res video camera or two GoPro cameras.  Problem with two GoPro cameras is no live feed to the surface.  So maybe a standard-res video and two GoPros?

No pictures, since we don't have the system set up yet.  But at least we have 36 more hours.

Bringing warmer clothes this time; and Hurricane Katia may cause some swells the first couple of days of the cruise.  Not nearly as big a problem as Hurricane Irene was, but what are the odds that the two big cruises I'm on this year are BOTH affected by hurricanes?

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