Monday, September 12, 2011

Bold crusie 2 - day 4, Monday

We all agreed that today felt like a Wednesday.  John Logan and I helped out with the 8-12 watch since it was too foggy to go out on a small boat until 1:30.  I spent most of the time processing the still images from yesterday.

At 1:30 the fog lifted enough for us to head out.  We took the small boat, a Willard rigid hull inflatable boat.  The larger Parker had an engine down and a kink in the steering hydraulics.  The Willard was a bit small, so we really pared down our gear.  It was hard to lift the frame over the side but overall it worked well.  Most importantly, it allowed us another hour and a half of sampling in shallow waters (12 stations).
John and John on the Willard

We were around Aquinnah on Martha's Vineyard.  Very pretty shoreline with bluffs and dunes.  To get back to the boat after sampling, we passed No Man's Land and it's south-facing cliffs.  Absolutely remarkable.  Very easy to see why these two areas are central in Wampanoag culture.
Aquinnah dunes

The fog rolled back in just as we got back to the boat-impeccable (partly lucky) timing.

Downloaded data, ate some dinner, rinsed the gear, and now ready for bed.  Since it's only 7, I'll head up to the bridge to thank them for enabling our success today.

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