Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bold cruise - day 3

We're covering lots of ground.  57 stations in 20 hours.  I planned on about three an hour, so we're right on target.  Pretty disapppinted about the plan view camera, but we just can't find anything wrong with it, must be the cable.  And I'm extra glad we added the second camera system - else we would only have the gopro, and most of our highest priority stations were deeper than the gopro can go.

Pretty tired, but my watch went quickly.  Lunch was filling and delicious - turkey cheese melts and veggie bean soup.  Totally hit the mark.  I spent some time after my watch video taping the camera deployment.  Now I just have to backup the gopro files and look at a couple of maps.  I'll work in a nap before the night watch too!
Some folks are jigging for cod and we've seen a few head boats.  Birds flew right in for the guts.  Flat calm seas - a mirror this morning.  Amazing.

Head boat out on Jeffrey's Ledge

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