Monday, September 19, 2011

Bold cruise 2-days 7 and 8, Thursday and Friday

No more small boat operations.  Thursday was a "normal" day and I worked 8-12, ate lunch, finished packing, took a nap, read for a bit, then just futzed around with images.  I selected all of my favorites, some of which I'll post below.  I stood watch starting around 6pm to relieve someone who had a bad headache.  Then I stood my normal watch.  It was slow -- we only covered a few stations.  It gave me some time to look at the GoPro images from the grab sampler.  They weren't as bad as I thought they might be!  Around 11pm the cable popped off the sheave, in part because the wind and seas were picking up.  After fixing it, the captain decided that the conditions were such that we should head in.  So we were on the dock by about midnight.  Several of us flooded into a bar across the street -- empty on a very cold and very windy evening.  We toasted a successful cruise.

Friday morning we off-loaded all of the gear and headed back to the "real world."  When I walked into the office, a few of the items we needed for the cruise had finally arrived--SD cards, hard drives for data storage.  Always a laugh!  But no jokes about the 465 emails. :)

Here are some pictures:

Fourspot flounder to the left of a sand dollar

Lady crab

Pile of sand dollars

And this one is from the GoPro camera we mounted on the Bold's grab sampler after the SEABOSS stopped working:
Hard bottom at a station where the grab sampler couldn't collect a sample

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