Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bold cruise 2 - days 2 & 3, Saturday and Sunday

I can hardly remember yesterday.  Our watch sampled 14 stations in Cape Cod Bay in the morning and 13 at night.  (We went to CCB to avoid swells and weather from Tropical Storm Katia.) I stood the notetaking station in the morning and the infauna seiving station at night.  In between watches I took pictures and video of the activities, read, figured out our Garmin GPS unit and downloaded waypoints, stood watch so the 4-8ers could eat dinner, and watched a movie.  The night watch went quickly with us cranking out the stations.  I had plenty of mud on me, and Jack's* fear of a sea cucumber had me in tears laughing.  Anthony* realized after writing the date, 9/10/11, about 100 times that the numbers were sequential (and by the time he did, it was the next day-ha!).

Today we mobilized on the Parker.  John Logan and I went out with tech John.  We left at 8:30 and had the first camera shot by 9:30.  We sampled 48 stations and did the calibration.  We came in for a quick lunch and ended the day at 5:00.  At lunch I grabbed my tablet for some tunes-a nice addition. :-)
Me deploying the camera

John Logan at the video recording station

Both cameras worked great.  The frame worked very well too-it was heavy enough and didn't tip over on the seafloor.  No cable chafing, pulling, or snarling.  A total of 20 gb on the video and 25 gb on the gopros.  The gopro number will go way down when we cull all of the extraneous photos that result from leaving it on in between stations taking a picture every 2 seconds (it ended up being 2 gb).
The big round one is the Seatrex HD, the little one is the GoPro, plus 2 lights

Tonight it took a couple of hours to work out a data backup system and check the videos and photos.  Long day, but very successful.

*Names changed to protect the -- um -- innocent?

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Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in learning more about your encounter with the sea cucumber. Our research group is studying the aggressive behavior patterns in the mid-Atlantic sea cucumber and it sound like you might have some valuable information to contribute to our program. Please email me at I'm looking forward to speaking with you sometime soon.

Dan Ackertian, Research Scientist
Center for Atlantic Sea Vegetable Research