Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bold cruise 2 – day 6, Wednesday

Seas picked up from the southwest and we were on the south side of Martha’s Vineyard, so I worked a normal watch from 8-12.  By about 1:30 we were far enough around Gay Head to get into Menemsha Bight on the small boat.  Just before we launched, the SEABOSS cable finally crapped out, so we rushed to stick our second GoPro camera on the grab sampler the Bold has.  Then we headed out and hit 9 stations along the beautiful bluffs of Chilmark.  The hi-def video system failed us today.  All of the bumping the system receives resulted in a bent HDMI cable connector and damaged connector.  No hi-def video.  Fortunately the GoPro pictures came out just fine.
Seafloor off of Chilmark

Bluffs of Chilmark

Since the Bold was across Buzzards Bay, we had 15 minutes to kill and headed into Menemsha Harbor.  Very picturesque.

Menemsha Harbor

We got back on board the Bold around 4pm.  Ate some dinner (fried shrimp, baked potato, and salad), then I helped tweak the camera set up on the grab sampler.  We’ll see if the changes help.

No repair possible on the ship, but we weren’t planning on using the system anymore.  So really we only missed 9 stations and the GoPro got good images at all of them.

It’s definitely more rolly today -- for the first time it feels like we’re on a ship.  Had to stagger down the hall. J

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