Friday, September 9, 2011

Bold cruise 2 - day 1, Friday

Met at boat at 9:30am.  We were at the dock all day setting up equipment and waiting on relief crew.  At 6:30pm we left the dock for a ten hour transit from Woods Hole to Cape Cod Bay.

This cruise is focused on sampling seafloor substrate and benthic infauna in Massachusetts waters.  Our priority sampling areas are south of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, the southern portion of Cape Cod Bay, and Buzzards Bay.  Due to Hurricane Katia, seas were still building outside of the islands yesterday so we transitted through the canal to the more protected Cape Cod Bay.

I'm out here with John Logan and folks from Mass CZM, USGS, and EPA.  We're doing three watches: 12-4, 4-8, and 8-12.  I'm on the 8-12 watch-probably the first time I got the best watch!  Part of the reason is that I may go out on a small boat and sample shallow waters.  If we do that, it will happen during the day, probably 8-4 so on those days I may not stand the evening watch, and just work 8-4.  We'll see how it turns out!  Until 4am on Saturday we don't need to stand watch, so I'll get a (much needed) full night sleep.

I spent the whole day today preparing the small high definition video system which arrived at 4:30pm on Thursday, just in the nick of time (thanks Ocean Systems!).  It's all ready to go whenever we have a chance to launch a small boat.  It may not happen until Sunday, to give us all time to settle into the other work-SEABOSS seafloor imaging and grab sampling.

Seatrex HD video on small frame

USGS SEABOSS imaging and sediment sampling instrument


Mark Rousseau said...

September 09, 2011
For immediate release:
State and Federal Scientists to Study Seafloor aboard Research Vessel - Week-long ocean research project starts today

Kathryn Ford said...

Thanks Mark. Glad we're getting some press.