Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Article of the Week

Methratta, Elizabeth T. and Jason S. Link. 2006. Associations between surficial sediments and groundfish distributions in the Gulf of Maine-Georges Bank regions. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 26: 473-489.

Used NMFS trawl survey and Poppe's sediment database (2003--the original usSEABED) to look for correlations.
  • Assemblage structure was significantly different between substrates.
  • Biomass of Atlantic cod, haddock, winter flounder, longhorn sculpin, sea raven, and winter skate increased with increasing substrate grain size.
  • Biomass of goosefish, white hake, red hake, silver hake, witch flounder, American plaice, and thorny skate increased with decreasing grain size.
  • Biomass of little skate, ocean pout, summer flounder, fourspot flounder, yellowtail flounder, windowpane, and spotted hake was highest in habitat of intermediate grain size.
  • Smooth skate, spiny dogfish, Acadian redfish, and pollock were broadly distributed across most substrate types.
  • Longhorn sculpin and winter flounder consistently distinguished coarse rock from all other substrate types.
  • Atlantic cod consistently distinguished fine rock from all other finer-grained substrate types.
  • Goosefish, white hake, red hake, silver hake, witch flounder, and American plaice were more consistently abundant in finer=grained substrates.
Thanks to John Logan for resurrecting this one.

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