Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Article of the Week

Ford, K. H., and S. Voss. 2010. Seafloor sediment composition in Massachusetts determined using point data. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, Technical Report 45. 21 pp. (1,940 kb)

The data is online at http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/geology/g10164/

I was remiss in the tech report and did not include an acknowledgements section (can I blame the editor for that?).

The data compilation and this associated report was influenced by many people. In particular the authors would like to thank USGS scientists Matt Arsenault, Page Valentine, Larry Poppe, Walter Barnhardt, and Seth Ackerman for several long conversations, clarifications, and explanations. The Massachusetts Ocean Plan advisors and staff Bob Boeri, Dan Sampson, Todd Callaghan, Bruce Carlisle, and John Weber provided us with our original deadline. The Division of Marine Fisheries provided all of the staff support for this project; thanks in particular to Bruce Estrella and Mike Armstrong who improved the text of this document as it evolved. Conversations over several years with other researchers also influenced this work: Mark Anderson, Jon Boothroyd, Chad Demarest, Jonathan Grabowski, Brad Harris, Karen Hart, John King, Vladimir Kostelyv, Vincent Malkoski, Bill Schwab, Brian Todd, Megan Tyrell, Tony Wilbur, and Henry Woolsey.

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