Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ipswich/Merrimack Bay

Cape Ann to Salisbury Beach Seafloor Mapping Data Published Online (
CZM and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have published the third in a series of seafloor mapping reports,High-Resolution Geologic Mapping of the Inner Continental Shelf: Cape Ann to Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts. The report was prepared as part of the cooperative mapping program between CZM and USGS. Available online, the report contains geographic information system (GIS) data, maps, and technical explanations of data collection, processing, and a discussion of the seafloor geology and topography of the study area. The two reports,
Nahant to Gloucester and Boston Harbor, were in released in 2006. Data from two additional areas—Hull to Duxbury and Northern Cape Cod Bay —are currently in the publication process and will be released soon. Since 2003, this cooperative program has mapped the geology of 1700 square kilometers (650 square miles) of the Commonwealth's coastal ocean. For additional information, see the CZM project website, the USGS project website.
Map Sheet 1.

Thanks to Seth Ackerman, USGS for this information.

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