Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mapping in Mass 2009

Here are the latest news and plans:
1. USGS-CZM partnership is alive and strong and funded for more field work. Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound acoustics will be done this year.
2. The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies will be doing 0-5 meter mapping, I believe around Cape Cod. The work will include some sediment transport research and eelgrass mapping and I think using LIDAR. Their plans are still shaping up.
3. DMF is assembling grab, photo, and video seafloor datasets for Massachusetts, motivated in part by Ocean Planning needs. So far the US Seabed, MWRA, NCA, and EMAP datasets are together and we're working on getting the "big" private project datasets (HubLine, Northeast Gateway, Neptune).
4. Ocean Planners are using a modification of the DFO-Belgium approaches for mapping biological/ecological value to identify areas in the state of "high value" as legislated by the Ocean Act.
5. EPA's Narragansett Lab is mapping out on Vineyard Sound, using Lagoon Pond as a pilot study for AUV work.
6. I'll be on a CMECS study group and will be trying to apply that classification (v. 3) to Massachusetts waters; following up on work done in Salem Sound with CMECS v. 2.
7. Tony Wilbur, the CZM lead on the USGS-CZM partnership, has moved to New York to pursue a degree in education! Dan Sampson and others at CZM will be continuing his work; I'll continue to help out as I can.

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