Thursday, November 15, 2007

PPT on the blog

UPDATE: (I left my original post down below)
Thanks to a comment from Jagdeep.S.Pannu I learned a better way to share my powerpoint within the blog.
1. Signed up for free account at
2. Uploaded powerpoint
3. They emailed me a link to embed in the blog (here's the new link)

This was particularly good, since my free webhosting was not very stable!

This has nothing to do with seafloor mapping. But I figured out how to post my presentations on my blog. This might prove handy in the future, and will be easier to explain methodology. I don't have any discrete server space at work, so here's what I did:

1. Signed up for free webhosting at
2. Converted my powerpoint (ppt) to a flash file (swf) using authorPOINT Lite (freeware at authorGen)
3. Uploaded all of the swf files to my new domain (this took a little while, since I had to do it one file at a time, and the converter makes a few folders with lots of files)
4. Made a link in the blog (here's the link again)

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Jagdeep. S. Pannu said...

Hi Kathryn,

Its interesting how you did it.

You can also embed a presentation in a blog using authorPOINT. Simply import a presentation into authorPOINT and use the "upload to authorSTREAM" or "upload to WiZiQ" option.

You need to create an account (free) on these services to upload your presentations. Once your presentation has been uploaded to or you can get the embed code of the presentation, which you can use to embed in your blog or site. It shows your presentation in your blog post, which can also be viewed in full screen mode right from your blog.

WiZiQ is recommended for educational presentations and authorSTREAM for general presentations.