Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NOS plans for late summer 2007

From Doug Baird, NOAA
8/30/07 morning: Coast Survey was able to get a couple weeks of underway time aboard the fisheries research vessel GLORIA MICHELE during late-June to mid-July. The survey team aboard GM was able to survey about 14 square nautical miles (as indicated in the red shaded area on the attached graphic) of their assigned 15 snm. The NOAA Ship THOMAS JEFFERSON is scheduled to arrive in Cape Cod Bay the second week of September to finish the rest of the 50 snm of first priority area (shown in blue on the attached graphic).

8/30/07 afternoon: TJ just recently has experienced mechanical problems - the plan was
to survey everything within the blue outline; standby - we'll see
what get's fixed.
Note: Originally NOAA had scheduled one more week on the Gloria Michelle in August. I don't know why this survey was canceled.

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