Wednesday, September 12, 2007

USGS Cape Cod Bay Update

09/04/2007 morning: Acquisition of remaining geophysical data along the South Shore (Hull to Duxbury) was completed on a 2-week survey in April with 100% coverage with bathy and sidescan, and a closely spaced grid of subbottom profiles. A very successful 17-day cruise ended last month and extended the geophysical mapping from Duxbury/Plymouth all the way across northern Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown. Weather was superb, flat calm almost every day. Shallow nearshore areas offshore Duxbury/Plymouth spits were inaccessible to large vessel and some gaps remain there - they will be surveyed with small boat in Spring 2008. Sampling and photography will be collected for groundtruth across the entire area on this next cruise. We will occupy approx 150 stations throughout the area on the RV Connecticut 06-15 Sept.

Update courtesy of Walter Barnhardt, USGS.

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